Our Team Story

Geva Lester

Our Team Story
Great partnerships can create great outcomes for everyone they meet.  The partnership behind Geva and Jane Real Estate creates transactions that have the best outcomes for our clients. Watch our video to learn our team story, meet Geva and Jane, and see why this partnership works so well!
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 Video Transcript: Our Team Story
GEVA: I’m Geva Lester of Geva and Jane Real Estate at Keller Williams.
JANE: And I’m Jane Morrison of Geva and Jane Real Estate at Keller Williams.
G: We have been in the business since 2013 and formed a partnership- how many years ago now?
J: What was it? 3 years ago- almost 3 years ago.
G: [simultaneously] 3 years ago.
G: And I told her husband that I’m happy I decided to marry her in business. [laughs]
J: It’s been a great thing for both of us in the fact that having a support from each other and combining forces sometimes when the path isn’t clear. And-
G: Our personalities are very complimentary because if anyone who knows me, two of me would not be a good thing in business. But we’re very complimentary so her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. And so we have each other to lean on in that respect.
J: I grew up in Arlington, Virginia and I currently live in Arlington, Virginia. I have raised three children in the Arlington public school systems. And I got into real estate really as a second career, to help people and it was an interest of mine, real estate has been an interest, and I wanted to be able to combine my technical skills from my previous career with my problem solving and helping others.
G: I got into real estate- People joke, I think I read too much Oprah- and I’ve always been passionate about it. And I think being passionate about it and really loving what I do equates to being really successful in our business.  We love helping our clients, and just love what we do, day in and day out. I have lived in Arlington for over 22 years, so when Jane and I came together as a partnership we thought it just made sense.  She’s born and raised in Arlington, she lives in north Arlington, I live in south Arlington, so we cover the area really well.  And we cover the region as well, but it’s just an area that we know.  We’ve raised children, my kids have gone to daycare, they go to the schools, and we give back and we volunteer in the community.
J: We don’t necessarily- Every client we have, Geva doesn’t work with them. If they’re my client, I typically work with them, but Geva’s always there in case I’m not available and vice versa.  But we have each other to bounce all these ideas off of.  And when sit in our office we’ll talk back and forth about scenarios and say, “Oh this is just happening.” And we can problem solve together and really come up with a great solution for our clients, which is awesome.
G: It’s really such a benefit to our clients because if you just have one person, you just have one path forward, whereas I think we have a few different on- and off-ramps that then make the transaction, the sale, the purchase, much more successful.
J: Much better, it’s a better outcome for our clients.

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