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Earth Day in Arlington, VA

Celebrating Earth Day: Why It Matters

Earth Day reminds us all of the small but powerful actions we can take to protect our planet. Here in Arlington, VA, each of us has the opportunity to contribute to a greener world, starting right at home, in our community, and at our places of work. Whether you're a homeowner, a tenant, or a business owner, simple changes can lead to significant environmental benefits.

1. Eco-Friendly Living at Home

Conserve Energy: Start with swapping out traditional light bulbs for LED bulbs, which use at least 75% less energy. Consider upgrading to high-efficiency appliances when it's time for replacements.

Save Water: Installing low-flow showerheads and repairing leaky faucets are easy fixes that can significantly reduce your water usage. Did you know that a single drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year?

2. Engage with Community Initiatives

Local Green Programs: Arlington is rich with programs designed to promote a greener lifestyle. By taking part in local cleanup events or contributing to community gardens, you can significantly enhance your environmental impact. Local leaders in sustainability, Geva and Jane along with Varity Homes, are setting a strong example. They incorporate eco-friendly practices into their business strategies and actively support Arlington’s environmental projects.

Volunteer: Look for opportunities to get involved with local environmental groups. Even a few hours a month can make a huge difference in maintaining and expanding green spaces in Arlington.

3. Greening Your Workplace

Reduce Office Waste: Encourage your workplace to go digital wherever possible to minimize paper use. Set up clearly marked recycling bins to make it easy for employees to recycle.

Promote Sustainable Commuting: Encourage carpooling, biking, or using public transportation among your team members. Consider incentives like subsidized transit passes or secure bike storage to motivate employees.

4. Big Impact with Small Gardens

Plant Native: Native plants require less water and maintenance and are more resistant to local pests. Whether it's a small balcony garden or a community plot, growing native plants or vegetables can improve air quality and provide fresh produce.

Community Gardens: Join or start a community garden. These green spaces not only beautify the neighborhood but also foster community spirit and collaboration.

Your Part This Earth Day
For those in Arlington, VA, looking to buy or sell their home, consider how your real estate choices can also reflect your commitment to environmental sustainability. Geva and Jane, with Varity Homes, are at the forefront in Arlington, helping clients choose properties that not only meet their lifestyle needs but also contribute to our collective environmental goals. Opting for homes that promote energy efficiency, reduce water use, and minimize waste not only supports Arlington's green initiatives but also offers financial benefits through reduced utility costs.
Consult with your neighborhood experts, Geva and Jane at Varity Homes when you’re ready to buy or sell in Arlington. Their expertise can guide you towards making real estate decisions that are good for both the planet and your future. Join us in making a difference this Earth Day and beyond—let’s ensure Arlington continues to lead in sustainability and thoughtful living.

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