Arlington Pool Membership: Where Can You Get One?

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Arlington Pool Membership: Where Can You Get One?

Looking For An Arlington Pool Membership?

Are you wondering how you are going to keep cool this summer? An Arlington pool membership might be just the ticket. If you are in Arlington, Ft Myers Officers’ Club pool has memberships.
They have a few different options whether you are military, a government employee or even a contractor. In the past the pool membership had been limited to military and DoD civilians but in the past few years, they have created an exception to their policy. CLICK HERE for the Ft Myers Officers’ Club website and additional information.
Yes, that’s right an outdoor pool in Arlington, VA that doesn’t have an eight year waiting list. The Ft Myers Officers’ Club pool has  multiple pools, slides, swim lessons and a snack bar.
Ft Myers Officers’ Club pool is conveniently located right near Rt 50 so if you are in Arlington hopping over there for an evening swim or swim practice isn’t difficult. If you are eligible, we have found that the best deal is to first join the Fort Myers’ Officer’s Club which comes with additional benefits.
Another Arlington pool membership option is the Army Navy Country Club. Whether you are military or not, at one point, they were offering straight pool only memberships to area residents.  For membership information for the Army Navy Country Club, CLICK HERE.
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