5 Valuable Tricks for Sellers in the 2020 Fall Market

Geva Lester

5 Valuable Tricks for Sellers in the 2020 Fall Market
As pandemic precautions continue in the United States, many sellers postponed selling their home in spring 2020 when lockdowns started, and they might be starting to consider how to sell safely in the current circumstances. With many people working from home, closeness to a workplace seems less important than a home with extra space and conveniences.  And city-dwellers are leaving crowded city apartments for larger homes in the suburbs at faster rates.  So despite economic circumstances, the housing market has remained strong. Here are 5 valuable tricks for selling this fall.

Start Early

Buyers are, more than ever, looking for move-in ready homes.  Consulting with a realtor three to six months before you plan on going on the market can help you decide what updates your house needs and get the house in tip top shape to appeal to buyers.

You can also strategically plan when you want to list your home to put yourself in the best position to sell at the price you want. With the pandemic hitting right at the start of the peak selling market,  the market was effectively pushed from the spring to the fall.  Planning early with a prepared realtor can help you anticipate the impact of pandemic market changes.

Find a Prepared Realtor

A prepared realtor will have the tools you need to sell in the “new normal” of pandemic times. They should be tech-savvy and have extensive systems in place to help you navigate everything virtually, from communication with you to marketing and virtual home visits.

Your realtor should be COVID-current, knowing up-to-date state-, county- and city-mandated rules and regulations for home sales.  Can you have scheduled open houses? Or does everything need to be virtual? Are they willing to take the precautions necessary to keep you and potential buyers safe?

Through the last few months, Geva and Jane Real Estate has kept up to date with the ever-changing guidelines for home sales in Northern Virginia, making sales quickly and safely despite difficult circumstances.  Don’t settle for a realtor who has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for calmer seas.  The best realtors know how to navigate the storm.

Make Your Home


Move-in Ready

Many people are working from home and are taking more of an interest in home improvement right now.  Contractors are now being booked out for months.  Starting early will help you have the time to make improvements before selling.  Many buyers are willing to pay a premium for a home with upgrades done before they purchase.

Geva and Jane Real Estate works with a dedicated contractor that prioritizes clients and can get things moving.  With contractors so busy, finding a trusted contractor to do the work in time is extremely difficult.  Working with a realtor with a trusted contractor and a proven record of making houses market ready can make all the difference.

You might want to showcase features of your home that make it perfect for current circumstances, like a dedicated home office space, exercise areas, and outdoor living spaces.  Home pools are becoming popular again as families are looking for more home recreation opportunities.

Provide Resources for Online Showings

Great photos are even more important as buyers more than ever are using online resources to shop for a home. Make sure your realtor works with a great photographer and is equipped to do extensive online marketing.
As the selling process continues, keep your home ready for virtual tours and livestreams.  Plan a route through your home that anticipates what buyers would want to see if they were touring your home in person.  And don’t forget to gather and scan receipts, contracts and applicable warranties for any home upgrades so they can be shared digitally.

Set up Guidelines for In-Person Showings

Have a plan on where you want to go during in-person showings.  While most buyers narrow down their search online, most are still not willing to put in an offer until they have actually walked through a home. If you have a safe place to go during the selling process, vacant homes are easier to access and provide fewer restrictions.

If you are staying in your home, make sure you have a cleaning plan for before and after showings.  Sellers can also provide gloves and booties for an extra level of protection. And remember they are not reusable! A basket by the door with hand sanitizer and a fresh supply of gloves and booties can be a nice touch.

Selling a home might be different right now, but with these 5 valuable tricks for sellers, the right help and the right preparation, today’s sellers can still effectively sell their homes at the best price possible.

If you need a realtor prepared for today’s reality, Geva and Jane Real Estate has been active and successful while navigating the ups and downs of the pandemic.  If you would like a FREE consultation on what we can do to sell your home, contact us today!

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